How do Tarot Cards work?

Each card has a number of basic interpretations and the skill of the Reader lies in his or her ability to relate the meaning of the card to the life situation of the Sitter.  This is greatly enhanced when the Reader has strong intuition and can ‘tune in’ to the ‘energy’ of the Sitter. This is often referred to as psychic ability but is really intuition that we all possess to a greater or lesser degree.

The main objection to the validity of Tarot card readings is that the cards appear to be chosen at random.  However, we select the individual cards deliberately, being drawn to the ones that feel right.  Even though the cards are face down when we choose them, sub-consciously we know the card is relevant.  It is often thought that we are guided in our choice by angels or some other unseen force but this takes away our personal power and free will.  The unseen force is actually inside ourselves, our own intuition.

Types of cards – the Reader will use the cards they feel the strongest affinity with.  There are many different Tarot packs but also Angel, Goddess, Animal, and many others, may be used if the Reader works better with the ‘energy’ of a particular type.

Foretelling the future – Whilst it can be very reassuring to feel we know our future, if we seek a Reading because we want to know what is going to happen to us, we are disregarding our ability to control our own destiny.  One danger of this is that we may make decisions based on the Reading, rather than on our own judgement, which could take us in the wrong direction.  Secondly, we may spend our lives waiting for the prediction to come true, instead of making the most of life in the present.

Card Readings for guidance – Tarot, and other cards are most useful in helping us to make our own decisions, providing clarity and showing us our options and opportunities.  They may reveal the influencing factors which could affect our plans, and confirm whether or not we are on the right track for a positive outcome. For the most part, our life is not pre-determined, and the cards can help us take control of the direction we choose to go.

When selecting the cards we should keep in mind what we want to know, whether we want information about a relationship or a career path, for instance. The cards are then interpreted in relation to the question.  The question should be open ended, what will happen if I do ……, rather than asking for a yes or no answer.

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