Card Readings

Tarot and Animal Cards

There are many types of cards used for ‘psychic’ readings, divination and guidance. Tarot being the most popular for understanding our options for the future, and Animal cards provide particular insight into our personality and the energies required to achieve our goals.  

Psychic readings with cards work because in the theory of Soul Journey everything is connected and everything happens for a reason.  There is no such thing as a meaningless coincidence, so the cards you select are significant to you and your situation.

Whilst card readings may, or may not, be useful for fortune telling, they can be very helpful as a tool for gaining clarity of our current situation and guiding us in our choices for the futurePsychic insight may be part of a card reading but should only be used to help us to see our options and opportunities for our future path.  The cards may reveal the possible consequences of our choices but we always have free will to determine the course of our life.

Valerie offers card readings in one-to-one consultations for personal guidance.