Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers.  There are many systems used throughout the world and its history extends many hundreds of years.

If we accept the concept of Soul Journey then it is feasible that our date of birth was predetermined and therefore, significant.  The same holds true for the name we were given, and each letter can be converted to its numerical value.

The system uses our birth name, and date of birth, to decipher characteristics of our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, our challenges and even our life’s purpose. We can ascertain the effect of missing numbers, recurring numbers and how balanced our numeric vibration may be. We may also examine the effects of changing our name, whether the different energies are helpful or challenging to our personal growth.  Our home address also influences our ease, or otherwise, of our progress through life.

Numerology can be applied to businesses and websites, to ascertain the energies associated with their numerical values, what sort of people will it attract, and what subliminal message does it convey.

Numerology can be very revealing when applied to family and relationships.  We can discover how different numbers can complement each other or create conflict. Knowledge of numerology can be helpful when planning important events, signing contracts, getting married or moving house.  Although there are no bad numbers, we can try to ensure the date we choose is the most auspicious.

Numerology assessments can be carried out in person or via email.