Past Life Therapy

Block Clearance is a form of psychotherapy and is used to clarify our current situation and understand our challenges. The process looks at how our life experiences have influenced our thought patterns, emotional responses and behaviours. We identify what needs to change and how that may be achieved. We learn coping strategies and acquire confidence to put us back in control, so we can move forward to creating a positive future.

The process may uncover relevant events from the past, from childhood but also from previous lifetimes, which have shaped our beliefs and choices. As children we learn our attitudes and beliefs from our parents and other influential adults, but ultimately they may not be right for us. As children, we also tend to blame ourselves, believing that our parents are always right, so whatever is wrong must be our fault.  As adults we recognise that this is not true but the child inside us still believes it.  Block Clearance can change this.

Sometimes, unresolved issues from previous lifetimes can exacerbate our problems today. Every experience from all our lifetimes are recorded in our sub-conscious mind and through guided visualisation we can access those past lives to understand how the issue was created and initiate healing of the soul.

Consultations are completely confidential and non-judgmental.