Soul Journey

Soul Journey and Karma

You are a spiritual being in a physical incarnation. 

The human soul continues indefinitely and the purpose of physical life is for the soul to learn and grow in a way that is not possible in the spiritual realm, particularly regarding the emotions, as unconditional love is the overriding emotion of the spiritual world.  For the human race, it has enabled us to evolve and progress in society and civilisation, although we still have a long way to go.

Past Lives
Every one of us has experienced many lifetimes, and each lifetime will entail certain challenges that we are supposed to learn from, and overcome, in order to attain spiritual growth. However, if we do not succeed or fail to learn in a positive way, that same challenge may recur in a subsequent lifetime, as another opportunity to overcome it.  Some lifetimes will be happy and peaceful, others will be difficult.

Our Soul Journey is our progression through the lifetimes and learning for our spiritual growth, and our subsequent contribution to the ‘collective unconscious’ of the spiritual realm.

This is the law of cause and effect, the consequences of our actions. What we give out, we will receive. However, karma may not be immediate and it can even cross lifetimes.  Whether we regard it as reward or punishment is in the mind of the individual, the universe just provides it.  As we are spiritually connected to the universe, we can change our Karma but debts still have to be paid.  We can choose how we do so and we can create more ‘good’ karma to counter balance our ‘bad’ deeds of the past.

Our previous lifetimes and our karma can be explored in one-to-one sessions
 held in Shipston on Stour or Home visits can be arranged throughout the North Cotswolds.